Robert Projeski – Changing the rules within the Australian Mortgage Industry

Robert Projeski – Changing the rules of the Australian Mortgage Industry

Having worked as a senior lender in the banking industry for over 20 years, Robert Projeski, the Managing Director for AMO, reveals how he went from working for the banks that was ripping off borrowers out of billions of dollars in fees, to creating Australian Mortgage Options to help ordinary Australians to get the best home loan deal.

History of AMO – from 1998 to the Present

Robert Projeski
Robert has worked in the banking industry for over 20 years. Prior to 1998, he was a senior lender in the banking industry, where he developed and proposed strategies to help the average consumer through education on how to pay mortgages off sooner, minimise tax and create wealth to achieve their own financial independence. Unsurprisingly it was declined by the executives at the time. They deemed the proposal was not worth allocating resources to where their profits (which are publicly and proudly announced at billions of dollars), may be adversely affected only to the betterment of the consumer.

By collating a list of all the elements he disagreed with while he was working in the banking industry and conducting a survey of what his clients wanted in loan products and services, Robert has built and continues to develop an organisation that always puts the consumer first - Australian Mortgage Options. It was at that time Robert decided to leave mainstream banking and help Australians achieve their goals by opening AMO and changing the rules.

Revolutionising the Australian Mortgage Industry

Robert’s vision to bend the rules and create products like the AMO Revolution Home Loan has set new standards in the home loan industry. The AMO Revolution Home Loan was the first of its kind to the market and gives borrowers the best of both worlds. This ground-breaking home loan product provides the security of a low fixed rate, yet still offers the flexibility to make unlimited repayments, without any of the banks usual penalties.

With interest rates now at an all-time low many homeowners have opted to refinance their home loan for the safety and security of a fixed-term home loan. The immediate benefits of fixing your mortgage with products such as AMO’s Fixed Rate Home Loan is the certainty of knowing what your monthly repayments will be, and the flexibility to make unlimited lump sum repayments.

Personalising Mortgage Lending

By booking an appointment with an AMO Mortgage Broker, many customers get the benefit of an individualised needs analysis before they complete a loan application. It's this tailored approach to lending that sets AMO apart from other mortgage lenders.

Until AMO changed the rules and led the way, such products and services were unheard of. “I needed to create a new industry culture by forming a company that informs, consults, analyses and satisfies the true needs of the consumer,” Robert said. “Consumers couldn’t, and still can’t believe we do this without charging them a professional fee, often asking how much does this consultation cost.”

With Australia’s interest rates expected to increase sometime in the near future the need for a home loan that protects consumers against market fluctuations has never been greater.

AMO offers a range of financial solutions such as home loan refinance and debt consolidation loans as well as home loans products to suit individual needs such as Bad Credit Loans, Low Doc Loans and 100% Offset Home Loans.