Fixed Rate Home Loan

Fixed Rate Home Loan
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As the old saying goes, apart from death and taxes, the only other sure thing that's inevitable in life is that interest rates will rise. It is little wonder then that many people are opting for a fixed rate home loan.

AMO's Fixed rate home loans offers the benefits of a variable rate loan, but with the peace of mind of knowing exactly what your repayments will be at the end of each month.

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Not all fixed home loans are the same. In fact, AMO has won numerous awards from Canstar Cannex for the unique benefits of An AMO fixed rate home equity loan. For instance, while no other major lender will offer you a 100% offset facility on a Fixed Home Loan, AMO will.

Security Type: Owner Occupied or Investment.

Applicants: PAYG or Self-Employed.

Loan Amount: up to $2,000,000.

LVR: up to 95% of the security value (conditions apply).

Repayments: Interest Only and Principal & Interest.

Repayment Method: Fortnightly or Monthly Direct Debt, Direct Salary, Deposit Payments, Telephone Transfer, Internet Transfer, Periodical Direct Credit, Inward BPay.

Terms: up to 30 years.

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  • No annual or monthly fees

  • Additional Repayments

  • Redraw

  • Phone & Internet Access

  • Loan can be split into portions - Splits

  • Line of Credit

  • Deposit Book

  • No switching fee (conditions apply)

Make an appointment with us learn about your options while interest rates is still low. We can show you how easy it is to free up more cash and reduce your loan commitments on the amount due each month.

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